Monday, April 03, 2006

Irish inspired indulgence.

This is Stunt Double and Snake Monkey after an evening of St.
Patrick's Day partying and hilarity!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

New Photo of Blue Meanie

Check out Blue Meanie's entry (archives:Dec.17.2005)


Age: 2 1/2 years
Kind: fleece
Home: North Pole and Puzzle's house
Occupation: Purveyor of gifts and good times
Most Proud of: his international stardom, and the bumper sticker he designed: "If this sleigh is rockin' don't come a knockin'!"
Likes: Elves, chocolate chip cookies, horror films
Dislikes: Milk ("yo, I'm lactose intolerant!"), abdominal cramps (natch), mail from anyone over the age of 8, frost bite

Bio: Santa has recently relocated headquarters to an undisclosed location in Philly after delivering himself to a new pal he met on Dogster. Santa's life has become exponentially more adventurous since this change, though he secretly suspects that Rudy and the elves may be having too many parties in the basement with "Tina".

Snake Monkey

Age: 1.5 years old
Kind: North American Tube Toy
Home: Transient
Occupation: Ambassador/Liason
Most Proud of: his flexibility
Likes: Yoga, shiny buttons, hot dogs
Dislikes: spit, bad breath
Dreams of: a new career as a party clown

Bio: Snake Monkey is a member of a rare and delightful though highly private (some would say reclusive) breed of creatures. As such, he felt it was his duty to make his presence known to the world, so all could marvel at his unique appearance. His harsh and highly critical counterparts ostracized him and he has had to take on a life of self promotion and speaking engagements on the self help circuit. He is grateful for the recent rise in public interest for all things New Age. Snake Monkey's mantra is "Breathe...breathe... breathe."

Stunt Double

Name: Stunt Double
Age: 2 months
Kind: squeeky, squishy plush
Home: Clenched in the teeth of Puzzle T. Dog
Occupation: Stunt Double
Obsessions: Anchovies, his likeness to Rudy Bubbles
Most Proud of: his high pain tolerance
Dreams of: an identity of his own, being his own cat

Bio: Stunt Double arrived to his current home as a belated canine X-mas gift. He was received with mixed emotions by the humans of the house who seek to promote interspecial harmony and do not endorse cats as snacks. Stunt Double's charm and good natured playfulness quickly won the family over, however, and they are all happily enjoying each other's company.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Dan D. Duck

Name: Dan D. Duck
Age: 7-ish
Kind: Automatonic Duck
Home: Top of the piano
Occupation: Hegemon
Obsessions: The decline of Western Civilization and staying out of cookingpots
Most Proud Of: His stable of foxy whores
Dreams Of: A more ducklike world.

Bio: Dan D. Duck was rescued from the slave markets of Berlin, New Jersey for $1 by an obsessed musician who has dedicated his life to bettering the world for ducks. Dandy is currently leading a life of privilege and power atop the musician's piano.

Note from Stuffedster: Dan. D. Duck's website may not be suitable for persons under 18.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

nickel bunny

Name: nickel bunny
Likes: space, wicked tunes, good books
Occupation: music room sentry
Obsessions: trying to jack up his market value and change his name to reflect this upgrade, floatation tanks
Hopes: with all the hub-bub about stuffedster people will appreciate his true worth
Dislikes: dust, clutter, ipods(because they make music rooms obsolete)

Bio: originally from the west coast and relocated due to being made available at a washington state thrift store for five cents, nickel bunny now lives in philly. missing for months, N.B. was recently uncovered under piles of random junk covered in dust when the music room was reactivated after a period of serving as storage. During this difficult period he continued trying to maintain his career and dreamt of returning to his rightful position on one of the higher shelves in the room, as well as his carefree attitude. currently he is enshrined in the sacred circular orgone accumulator to recharge his superpowers.

Monday, February 13, 2006


Name: mando
Age: 28
Kind: chango azul
Home: Austin,Ttexas
Occupation: former change purse changed artist
Obsessions: late night pizza binges and watching Alf's hit talk show
Most proud of: learning to drive stick
Dreams of: having his zipper removed and falling in love
Friend: The (archives: Nov.30.2005)

Bio: Mando moved to Texas from Seattle, washington where he worked in the pike place market selling paint by number pictures of the Space Needle. His art was really only zeroxed images that he mounted onto carboard canvas. Public humiliation from an art critic forced mando out of town. It was then that he moved to Austin, Texas. In Austin he began making sculptures of the Alamo from styrofoam but ended that venture when he realized the Alamo was in San Antonio. Unable to find a really good landmark in Austin, he resorted to making portraits of his family from pinto beans. Today Mando owns a multi-million dollar art empire in the downtown warehouse distric. People travel from all over the world to buy his bean art. Mando dreams of the day a famous doctor will come to buy his art and stay to remove the zipper that is a daily reminder that he is really only a coin purse.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Name: Psyduck
Age: 5 years
Kind: psychic duck
Home: wandering
Occupation: headache
Obsessions: Three Stooges, aquatic plants, magic tricks, treats
Dislikes: violence
Most proud of: eyes, quirkiness
Dreams of: being sophisticated and suave
Posse: Socky (archives: Dec.09.2005)

Bio: Although Psyduck has many qualities in common with Misty's Psyduck, his personality is quite different from his television counterpart's. Shy and unobtrusive, Psyduck is still silly and cute, but the overall gestalt of his personality is quiet with unplanned outbursts of animated bumbling and physical comedy. His psychic abilities make him inordinately sensitive to the feelings of those around him. Psyduck makes a good friend.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Home: undisclosed
Kind: Andrew Zangerle-ese
Likes: chilling out, contemplating
Family: robot.sock.monkey (archives: Dec.07.2005)

Bio: SUNDAY enjoys hanging out with his bud robot.sock.monkey and watching the sun rise from Chris' office window. The two also seem to enjoy sitting on a mirror, contemplatively studying their reflections.

Monday, January 30, 2006

(No.) 2

Name: 2
Age: 2.5
Kind: gorilla
Home: secret
Occupation: being lucky
Obsessions: slightly rotten fruit, hoagies, jam, Dan Akyroyd, stock market
Dislikes: overly friendly people, sing-songy voices and music
Most proud of: his supergrip
Dreams of: Wall Street

Bio: 2 is a relatively happy gorilla who hates grinders, but loves hoagies. He saw the movie Trading Places and found his life calling. An apt analyst and realist, 2 knows it'll be nearly impossible for him to get a seat on the Market, but he intends to try. 2 is a disciplined optimist who is trying to find the power in positive thought. He's got a friend who's been talking to him about Noam Chomsky, veganism, and Fugazi.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Name: Vancgy
Age: 2
Kind: crochet
Home: Philadelphia, PA
Occupation: hanger-on
Obsessions: backpacks, dim-sum, Asian pop music
Dislikes: rap, chewing gum, smoke
Most proud of: nothing
Dreams of: fluffy clouds, discos, angels

Bio: Vancgy really doesn't have much to say for himself. He's got the shyness of youngsters. Hungry for the romance of life itself, he is full of vague dreams of adventure and sunny vistas.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Special P

Name: Special P
Age: 10 years
Kind: electronic panda
Home: gas stub
Occupation: alarm
Obsessions: guarding, watching, cell phones
Dislikes: thieves, Luke
Most proud of: shrill voice
Dreams of: being rescued

Bio: Special P feels disenfranchised due to her present location, hanging on a wall via an old gas line. She would like to be on the job, watching over a cell phone, at the ready to use her shrill voice to alarm her owner to an imminent thievery. Over the hill and obsolete, she isn't sure how to redefine her life. She would welcome any advice readers may have to offer her.

Monday, January 16, 2006


Stuffedster doesn't know what this parrot's name is. He's likely been held captive for most of his life by an evil syndicate of entrepreneurs. These shysters kidnap magnificent creatures (such as this parrot) at an early age and force them to sell cheap wares. Their audience is, however, unsympathetic and they mostly ignore his presence. This parrot sits in his cage and says things like, "Pretty boy," and "Polly wants a quarter." It's obvious that his spirit is broken. His lack of charm ensures that his freedom was taken in vain. Only young children fall for his dispirited act.

Stuffedster would like to call attention to the plight of these animals. Anyone who knows of other captured creatures should send pictures and information to Stuffedster so that their stories can be posted here and shared with others. Perhaps, eventually, this sort of cruelty will be halted. See sidebar for submission information. Thank you.

Saturday, January 14, 2006


Name: Pac-man
Age: 27 years old
Kind: digital circle
Home: Tokyo, Japan
Occupation: husband, father, ghost exterminator
Obsessions: fruits, dots, ghosts, pizza, and other yummy things
Dislikes: Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde
Most proud of: Pac-man Jr.
Dreams of: living by the noble eightfold path and reaching enlightenment (thus subverting the possiblilty of reincarnation) and being reunited with Iwatani Toru

Bio: Pac-man is tired of dying and reviving, but he doesn't yet have the discipline to let go of all his desires. Chief amongst the things he would like to do before embarking on an ascetic lifestyle would be to meet Billy Mitchell and Iwatani Toru. Pac-man would like to thank Billy Mitchell for his dedication to him and he would like to live with Iwatani Toru, who Pac-man hopes, would call him by his true name, Puck-man.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Xiang chang

Name: Xiang chang
Age: 4
Kind: Chinese-American wombat
Home: Mehoopany, PA
Occupation: "mountain" climber
Obsessions: sausages, exercise
Dislikes: waste, rainy days, vegetables
Most proud of: his physique
Dreams of: riding on a zipline, monster truck rallies, campfires

Bio: Xiang chang is a hale wombat of few words. He enjoys the outdoors and gamboling about over fields and rocks, but like many wombats, he is slightly given to delusions of grandeur when it comes to his capabilities.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Shmoosh, Pathetic, and No Name

Name: Shmoosh, Pathetic, and No Name
Age: unknown, estimated 4 years
Kind: can't really tell (dangling)
Home: feels pretty much OK everywhere
Occupation: none
Obsessions: hot dogs, car tires, black top, kitchen window sills, melancholy
Dislikes: marshmallows, cat tails (the kind that grow in marshes), pumpkin-shaped containers
Most proud of: being a survivor
Dreams of: being flattened on the road

Bio: His strong will and pleading demeanor saved him from the elements of a southern, college town. Found face down in a busy crosswalk, his Benfactor couldn't pass by without picking him up. The Benefactor's companions responded to this action with a unanimous and resounding, "Eww, what are you doing? You're keeping it? That's gross, oh, and pathetic." His contemplative manner earned him a spot over the sink in the Benefactor's kitchen. When there's a lot of washing up to be done, they take the time to gaze at each other every so often. Sometimes he looks like he's crying, but he's not.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

(No.) 1

Name: 1
Age: 3
Kind: white lion
Home: secret
Occupation: being lucky
Obsessions: plastic surgery, recessive genetic conditions, orphans
Dislikes: sadness, yoga
Most proud of: his mane
Dreams of: finding his place in the world

Bio: 1 is the first in a line of mutated animals produced by a selfish person intent upon creating a line of stuffed lucky creatures. 1 is aware of this situation and is conflicted by his relationship to humans. 1 is drawn to create and explore human friendships, but is simultaneously wary of their intents.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Gordon and Gordon

Name: Gordon and Gordon Shumway
Age: really old!
Kind: alien life forms
Home: Melmac, LA, the Universe
Occupation: wiseguys, public figures, representatives of Melmac
Obsessions: cat cuisine
Dislikes: too many things to list
Most proud of: talent for songwriting
Dreams of: eating cats

Bio: Inventors of sundry products and fans of rodents (both live and handcrafted), Gordon & Gordon are self-proclaimed masters of the art of sit-down comedy. They are heavily influenced by Rodney Dangerfield and also feel that they "get no respect." Descended from an illustrious family of scientists, inventors, and entertainers, Gordon and Gordon have a number of talents. They're great at hugging legs, making furry couches, and impersonating cheese.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year! from your pals at Stuffedster

Friday, December 30, 2005


Name: Rebat
Age: he thinks he might be 10 years old
Kind: Chinese-American wombat
Home: Philadelphia, PA
Occupation: being kind
Obsessions: Julia Child, candy, smelling things
Dislikes: circus peanuts, diets, long nails
Most proud of: himself
Dreams of: having his own cotton candy machine, dining at a fine french restaurant

Bio: Rebat was born of a well-intentioned attempt to begin a line of American wombats. Mistakes were made and shortcuts were taken out of frustration, but still, Rebat overcame all obstacles and is happily going about his business. Rebat battles prejudices with his own brand of silent protest and is loved by even the most hardened and cynical who meet him. He's become estranged from his mother, who went on to birth an entire brood of 'physically improved' wombats. When asked about his yellow eyes, his mother responded, "I didn't want to waste good blue."

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

GLAD Carrot

Name: GLAD Carrot
Age: 26
Kind: Carrot
Home: Framingham, MA
Occupation: Ex-politician now retired
Obsessions: Politics, injustice, eating at Friendly's restaurants
Dislikes: Brodsky, radish
Most proud of: Fellow members of GLAD party, being good for vision, imposing height
Dreams of: Being back on the carnival circuit

Bio: The GLAD Carrot was (in a practice that is not condoned in most countries outside of the U.S.) "won" in a Game of Skill at a Great Adventure amusement park in Pennsylvania. The game, which had owned him since his birth, consisted of tossing softballs into angled milk buckets--a game designed for absolute failure. But he was won and taken from his home and brought to a Philadelphia suburb. About seven years later (after mostly living in a closet), he was suddenly thrust into politics and nightlife, before again returning to life in a closet, this time in Framingham, MA, where he currently resides with shirts and games.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Name: Tofu-san
Age: unknown
Kind: Japanese tofu
Home: Japan
Occupation: being nutritious
Obsessions: miso; soy sauce; bonito; sesame oil; seaweed
Dislikes: deep frying; hot-pots; good appetites
Most proud of: tattoos (they're on either side of his head)
Dreams of: getting back to homeland without being eaten

Bio: Tofu-san is hard to catch in one place. He darts about often because he is afraid of being eaten. He's pictured here, trying to squeeze some empathy out of a Hostess Cupcake. Tofu-san is currently hiding out in the United States. He was able to escape from Taiwan and what would have been his last moments in a night market hot-pot. Tofu-san recently sent an emissary overseas in the hopes that this will help him get back to his own nation, Japan. Little does he know; this agent ended up in Puerto Rico.

Monday, December 19, 2005


Name: Winnie
Age: 33
Kind: pooh bear
Home: Philadelphia, PA
Occupation: being quietly hungry
Obsession: honey
Dislikes: commotion; hard feelings
Most proud of: tummy; ability to understand Portuguese
Dreams of: unlimited amounts of honey and maybe a little bit of cinnamon toast
Family: Snoopy (Dec.14.2005); Socky (Dec.09.2005); Manbay (Dec.07.2005); Fred (Dec.03.2005); The (Nov.30.2005)

Bio: Winnie is definitely Winnie and decidedly not Pooh. He's well travelled and has lived in Chicago, northern New Jersey, Brazil, Pennsylvania, Seattle, New York, and Georgia. Winnie lost his voice a long time ago after a dousing in an unexpected bath in New Jersey. A veteran of multiple surgeries, Winnie has lost weight over the years and has had some trouble maintaining his tummy, of which he is very proud. Winnie is a pleasant companion who likes his environment to be kept tidy.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Blue Meanie

Name: Blue Meanie
Age: 36

Bio: Blue Meanie was separated at birth from the 'other' Blue Meanies.

Thursday, December 15, 2005


Name: Scroungey
Age: 7+
Kind: mutt dog
Home: Sector Eva Flores, PR
Occupation: General Mischief Maker
Obsessions: camoflauge, porn
Dislikes: direct attention, anything lovey-dovey, clean houses, wide-open spaces, yard sales
Most proud of: covert activity around the house, ability to go undetected for months on end
Dreams of: the ultimate hiding place
Family: Piggy (archives: Dec.09.2005)

Bio: Having been rescued from a yard sale, and generally being the silent, smirky type, not much is known about Scroungey's early history. He has happy memories from the early years after the rescue, when he was allowed to spend long hours under the bed, cloaked in dust. There was a rough period when Wyatt moved in with that Girl, and she insisted on Scroungey sleeping in the bed and maintaining his appearence. Things got out of hand one night with a big fat pink stuffed thing and someone lost some eyes. But it was all for the best because Scroungey has been left to his own devices since that time. He delights in occasionally streaking from one side of the house to the other while yelling in a high-pitched voice that only the other dogs can hear, thereby causing them to bark and run around, which in turn causes Wyatt and that Girl to freak out. He giggles to himself a lot.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Name: Snoopy
Age: 27
Kind: beagle
Home: Philadelphia, PA
Occupation: dog; military aviator (a.k.a flying ace); disco dancer; cowboy; surgeon; basketball player; cool-meister; pool shark; retired security blanket theif; kisser; best friend; & etc.
Obsessions: getting on The's nerves
Dislikes: losing bits of his nose
Most proud of: his inventiveness
Dreams of: chasing rabbits
Family: The (archives: Nov.30.2005); Fred (archives: Dec.03.2005); Manbay (archives: Dec.07.2005); Socky (archives: Dec.09.2005)

Bio: Snoopy has never felt famous. He's humble, down to earth, and fun. However, Snoopy's winning personality has never swayed The, who maintains that Snoopy's easy-going friendliness is just a manipulative ploy to perpetuate his completely undesevered fame. Snoopy tried for years to convince The that he was being genuinely nice. Since he failed miserably, Snoopy now likes to antagonize The by casually referring to his obscurity and by defying his "royal" edicts. Snoopy also enjoys situations where The is rendered powerless over the forces-that-be (as shown in the photo below). Snoopy adds that these same situations make him feel kinda bad too.

He is The's brother, after all. Snoopy dedicates this bio to The. "The, sorry you're still not famous. Love, Snoopy"

Monday, December 12, 2005

Baby Starburst

Name: Baby Starburst
Age: of Tranquility
Kind: newborn extraterrestrial
Home: Baby Nebula M-Q
Occupation: Cosmic Friend-maker
Obsessions: Astro-Bite Candy
Dislikes: The Space Suburbs
Most proud of: her squiggly mouth-thingie
Dreams of: being a grown-up alien
Family: The rest of the Puppet Karaoke Universe gang
Friends: Mitzil P (archives: Dec.09.2005)

Bio: Baby Starburst was hatched from a cosmic egg which was subjected to over 5 minutes of microphone feedback during a karaoke performance.

Heart to Heart (H2H)

Name: H2H (short for Heart to Heart)
Age: 19
Kind: Bear
Home: Athens, GA
Occupation: sleeping companion
Obessions: getting his pajamas washed
Dislikes: the cats because they monopolize the cuddling
Most proud of: his heart
Dreams of: new batteries for his heart
Family: Whiskey (archives: Dec.12.2005)
Friends: none
photo credit: Breana

Bio: Heart to Heart Bear was the only stuffed animal in a large family of stuffed items that never got a proper name. Oddly enough, he was also the only one who didn't get sold at a yard sale when his owner turned 12. Heart to Heart Bear has attended three universities and lived in Hawaii. He often wakes up to find himself shoved between the bed and the wall, or lying on the floor, and he blames this on those rotten cats.


Name: Whiskey
Age: 2
Kind: Feltsie
Home: Athens, GA
Occupation: sitting on the mantle
Obessions: base jumping
Dislikes: landing in fish tanks
Most proud of: his eternal optimism
Dreams of: having a girlfriend
Family: H2H Bear (archives: Dec.12.2005)
Friends: Yellow (archives: Dec.11.2005)
photo credit: Breana

Bio: Whiskey moved to Athens, GA from California, where he was part of a large group of Feltsies. He would really like a pretty girlfriend, and perhaps to meet a group of sensitive emo-boys to hang out with. Despite his name, he does not drink, because it might cause depression, and he just can't have that. He loves everyone, and just wants someone to love him back.

Sunday, December 11, 2005


Name: Yellow (just Yellow, not Yellow Matyok-von Roach)
Home: Philadelphia, PA
Occupation: companion
Obsessions: relaxing; being skinny
Dreams of: learning Spanglish and Jamaican lingo
Most proud of: his fur color
Family: Bruce Matyok-von Roach (archives: Dec.06.2005); Hong Kong Breese (archives: Dec.06.2005)
Friends: Whiskey (archives: Dec.12.2005)

Correction! Yellow is only Yellow and NOT Yellow Matyok-von Roach (as previously posted). Stuffedster apologizes.

KB writes: "Hi Stuffedster, I think there has been a bit of a mix-up. Yellow, although perhaps posing as a Matyok-von Roach, actually has no true bloodlines from those particular families. He has also gone by the pseudonyms Yellow "J.R." Ewing and Sir Yellow McCartney. As of now we are uncertain as to his actual birth/given name and so we might be safer refering to him as "Yellow" only, so as not to create any confusion. Very little is known about this particular creature; he is quite secretive. There has been some speculation that he was involved in a series of bank robberies, but he was never convicted of any crime, nor does he seem to have any money. I'm sorry I can't be any more help, but I will tell you more as his background unfolds. Thank You, KB"

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Mitzil P

Name: Mitzil P
Age: of innocence
Kind: magic fairy kitty
Home: Magic Fairy Land
Occupation: making wishes come true
Obsessions: her best friends, who are all flowers
Dislikes: dirty jokes
Most proud of: her flower garden
Dreams of: eating rainbow-flavor ice cream
Family: The rest of the Puppet Karaoke Universe gang
Friends: The (archives: Nov.30.2005)

Bio: Mitzil was once backup singer for the all celtic punk surf band Twizzid Aff, but now writes seek-n-finds for various anarchist newspapers as a part-time job. She loves her flower-friends and sings regularly at the Puppet Karaoke Universe Show.

Friday, December 09, 2005


Name: Piggy
Age: 23
Kind: pig
Home: Sector Eva Flores, PR
Occupation: Under-arm Sleep Aid Technician
Obsessions: The Velveteen Rabbit, snuggling with The Girl, soft sheets, cold nights (better for snuggling), Nyquil - the red flavor.
Dislikes: dogs - especially slobbery dogs, or dogs that chew AND slobber; dog hairs in the bed, Scroungey, body pillows
Most proud of: ability to retain stuffing against all odds, soft pink insides of ears
Dreams of: becoming real, Scroungey getting lost once and for all, a world without puppies, a nose patch
Family: Scroungey (archives: Dec.15.2005)
Friends: Hong Kong Breese (archives: Dec. 06. 2005); Fred (archives: Dec.03.2005); Manbay (archives: Dec.07.2005)

Bio: Once a very handsome fellow, Piggy has been loved beyond recognition. He is not terribly bothered by the loss of his looks, as he is on a quest to become real, and views it as a necessary sacrifice. His biggest regret is the loss of both eyes, which coincidentally occured around the time when Scroungey was introduced to the bed. (Nothing has been proved, but Piggy has harbored a strong feeling of resentment towards Scroungey since that time). He has been a soft and loyal pig for over twenty years, and has never lost hope, even when The Girl put him high on a shelf in a closet for one year when she turned thirty. He knew she would come back for him and she did. He is proud of his work as a sleep aid technician and has recently taken on a second job as a book prop in the early evenings.


Name: Socky
Age: 6
Kind: wombat
Home: Philadelphia, PA
Occupation: playing
Obesessions: stripes; synthetic fibers; playing
Dislikes: not being included
Most proud of: his posse
Dreams of: going on a trip
Family: The (archives: Nov.30.2005); Fred (archives: Dec.03.2005); Manbay (Dec.07.2005)

Bio: Socky is a happy-go-lucky American wombat who just wants to have fun all day long. Born to a large litter in Las Vegas, NV, he grew up thinking that everyone likes to play. Socky was adopted into his current family just after he turned two. Socky's not sure why, but The doesn't like him. Like Fred, Socky was banished from the bed. His favorite memory is of visiting the pizza buffet with his parents and The.

Thursday, December 08, 2005


Aside from the fact that it is well loved, not much is known about this Austrailan koala. It's nice to see interspecies marsupial love (some wombats are species-ists because they're bitter about not getting enough media attention).
photo: A. Roy


Name: Manbay
Age: 34
Kind: (security) blanket
Home: Philadelphia, PA
Occupation: comforting others
Obsessions: thermoregulation; cushioning
Dislikes: being on the floor
Most proud of: his facility with languages
Dreams of: youthful good looks
Family: The (archives: Nov.30.2005); Fred (archives: Dec.03.2005)
Friends: Piggy (archives: Dec.09.2005)

Bio: Manbay is mellow, stoic, helpful, and good-natured. He's unpretentious & straightforward. He's especially good at finding lost objects. Manbay is a reassuring presence who isn't above being silly (even though he has a serious demeanor). Once described as abstract, Manbay is unfettered by a concrete physical form. In fact, in terms of physicality, he's kinda like the natural form of the Pokemon, Ditto.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Name: robot.sock.monkey
Home: undisclosed
Likes: dropping his wrench
Friends: Sock Monkey (archives: Dec.02.2005)

Bio: robot.sock.monkey is not too friendly, but does get along with his owner/creator and stuffed compatriot, SUNDAY (below). robot.sock.monkey also has a non-functional intelligence chip (ver. 2.4) embedded in the back of his head (bottom picture).